Teaching and learning Spanish with PROYECTOS is an exciting cultural and personal experience, a way to open students up to the diverse world of the globe’s Spanish-speaking people and cultures.

PROYECTOS is a program aimed at North American college and university students of Spanish at the introductory and intermediate Spanish levels. Its innovative design follows a project-based, content-focused approach. Its main goal is to stimulate students to build knowledge through explorative and expansive learning.

The Spanish classroom becomes a space where students develop 21st‑century skills, such as collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication.


PROYECTOS brings a contemporary view of Hispanic cultures to the Spanish classroom through engaging texts, themes, and topics: students are motivated to act and create in Spanish!

PROYECTOS offers a pedagogical sequence in which grammar and vocabulary work in service of communication: students are truly capable of acting and creating in Spanish!

PROYECTOS presents groundbreaking content and language integration. Students use the language in interdisciplinary scenarios related to their own academic experiences, which helps them develop their professional skills and prepare for their future careers.

PROYECTOS promotes intercultural competence, enabling critical thinking about essential questions from a multidimensional, contemporary, and inclusive perspective that is free of stereotypes.

PROYECTOS offers an inclusive perspective on learning. Its approach makes it open to all learners and all types of intelligences (visual, linguistic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, etc.). In addition, its vision of cultural realities, diverse and free of stereotypes, embraces all the identities and communities of the Hispanic world —and of the students' world as well.

PROYECTOS allows for flipped classroom dynamics, which optimizes class time.Students can prepare independently before coming in order to maximize classroom communication and collaboration.

PROYECTOS is the product of authentic student-centered design. Students acquire the vocabulary that they need to communicate in the real world, learn grammar actively, and create projects in which they talk about their communities and experiences. They take a leading and active role in their own learning, and have fun in the process!

Our digital environment for PROYECTOS

With ease of use and affordability in mind, Difusión has chosen BlinkLearning, an educational technology company with more than 1.5 million users in over 40 countries, to power The Spanish Hub, where all digital content and resources for PROYECTOS will be available.

As more and more schools move into the digital world, it is important for us to offer digital content in an interface that is intuitive and straightforward for all types of users and 100% web-based and browser friendly, as well as compatible with all smartphones and tablets via an application that allows instructors and students to work both offline and online at any time and from any location.

Technology that is affordable, intuitive, mobile and accessible to all!

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